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Frequently Asked Questions

Our community provides a space for knowledge sharing, networking, collaboration, and support while offering additional value to enhance and scale your digital adoption efforts.

The Whatfix Community is exclusively accessible to users of our digital adoption solutions. We have gated access to ensure the privacy and security of discussions, resources, and exclusive content within the community.

You can join the community via the Help and Support section of our Whatfix product.

As a member, you can invite other Whatfix users in your organization to join the community. You can do so via the Whatfix product. Contact Whatfix Support for more details.

The Whatfix Community is home to best practices, tips and tricks, product ideas, use cases, events, product updates, company announcements, contests and giveaways, and more.

Absolutely! The Whatfix Community provides a platform for you to share your enhancement requests and product ideas. Community members can also upvote existing ideas to show support and help prioritize.

We strive to keep the Whatfix Community fresh and continuously update it with valuable content, ensuring you have access to the latest information and opportunities.

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